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“I was sitting when I opened Kent Burden's book, Is Your Chair Killing You? Within  minutes, I was standing, convinced that "sitting too much is not the same as exercising too little. They do completely different things to the body." Burden explains with humor, intelligence, wisdom, and insight how just 8 minutes a day can change our lives, health, minds, and possibly even set us on the road to weight loss. This book is a gem and should be the go-to book for every household, school, and office.”
– Elizabeth Somer, R.D., Author
“Kent Burden is one of America's top mind/body wellness experts. He consistently creates synergy between traditional fitness modalities and mind/body practices and always delivers with a fresh, entertaining, anyone-can-do-this style. His latest book "Is Your Chair Killing You?" is a practical and potent reminder of how important regular activity is in our everyday health.”
– Kathy Smith, America's Leading Lady of Fitness


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