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Essential Triangle DVD

by Kent Burden

Yoga, Pilates and Meditation

At California's famed Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, Kent Burden creates award-winning mind/body fitness programs for his super-secret lists of celebrities and athletes, which includes Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winners and NBA and NFL champions. Now you can join him on location at Spa Ojai for his own signature workout.

Kent Burden's Essential Triangle, a revolutionary fitness program for people of all ages and fitness levels is a blend of three time-tested exercises: yoga, Pilates and meditation. Follow the beginner, intermediate or advanced tracks for your ideal, challenging workout. This unique mind/body workout will leave you feeling strong, energized, calm and ready to face you day with balance, strength and serenity. Kent Burden's Essential Triangle can be practiced in any space large enough to extend your arms and legs, and the only equipment required is a yoga mat. Approximately 60 minutes.

"Kent Burden is yoga instructor to the stars" —TV's Access Hollywood
"Combine yoga, Pilates and meditation into one workout and you have a strengthening, distressing plan to soothe mind, body and spirit." —Body and Soul Magazine
"Kent Burden does inspiring work at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa" —Spa Finder Television

Kent Burden's Essential Triangle will help you:
  • Create strength, balance and flexibility
  • Tone and tighten your abdominals
  • Sculpt arms, legs and buttocks
  • Strengthen your lower back
  • Quiet your mind

Produced and Directed by Richard Gabai and Mike Becker

VHS or DVD *DVD features menus and chapters to further customize your workout.
Running time approximately 60 minutes.